Each Type Of An Essay Needs A Different Strategy

  • When you need to write an essay for a class, there are several writing strategies that you can use. These strategies are designed for you to present your topic, or your argument, present the facts that support it and help you to persuade your audience, the reader, to support your ideas. The different strategies for essays include:

  • Expository Essays

  • This genre of essay is most often used for classroom evaluations and it is often used in various types of exams. The expository essay requires that a student researches their idea for the essay, evaluates the evidence they find that supports the topic, explains on the idea for the paper and uses a clear, concise argument in the essay either for the topic or against it. It usually begins with a thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay.

  • Descriptive Essays

  • This style of essay allows the writer the freedom to be more creative when they write it because it is used to describe an experience, a person, a group, a place or a situation in which the writer had once found themselves. The reader of this paper should be able to clearly understand or form an impression of what the writer is describing. If the description is difficult to understand or seems muddied, you need to edit or rewrite your essay until it becomes easier for the reader to form an impression. Use vivid language in your essay that paints of a picture of what you're describing.

  • Narrative Essays

  • A book report is a form of a narrative essay because you are essentially telling or relating a story. Essays in this genre can be anecdotal, experimental or personal. Much like the descriptive essay, this form allows you to be more creative in your writing. It isn't necessarily about facts and figures, but it is more like storytelling. Remember that there should be a point to your essay or a reason that you are telling the story contained in your essay, which should be told in a clear and concise manner to the reader.

  • Persuasive Essays

  • This is the genre that most people think of when it comes to writing an essay. The persuasive essay is similar to the expository genre, except it is a longer essay and it is generally used as a final project for a class. The persuasive essay requires more research and information gathering on the topic than an expository essay.