Providing A Good Introduction To A Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay does not dispassionately lay out facts for the reader to take and leave on a whim. Instead a crafts a solid group of arguments that lead the reader on a journey to one reasonable conclusion which gets more and more believable with every word. This process can be made simpler by the inclusion of a well stated introduction which will lay a foundation on which every other argument is based. Here are some tips that can help you to better compose that persuasive introduction.

  1. Refer to the Topic
  2. Of course, this early on in the essay it is not expected that you will go into great detail on the topic but simply mentioning it at the very least is necessary for the essay to be able to persuade. If your introduction is too vague, it lacks impact and desperately needs fine tuning before the rest of the essay (no matter how awesome it is) can be submitted in good conscience.

  3. Know your Audience
  4. People can differ in many ways. Bear in mind the age, the education, the socio-economic status and any other relevant traits of your likely readers so that you write in ways that appeal to them specifically. If one day your essay becomes popular enough to be read by all of mankind you can worry about convincing the planet’s entire human population of something when that day comes. Until then, your purpose is to sway the readers you actually have.

  5. Follow good leaders
  6. There are essays that have so impressed the people who read them that years later they are being studied for having the markers of perfection. Your current skill level may not enable you to write at that level just yet but rest assured that you can learn from reading work of that level. Do not try to copy the little idiosyncrasies of the writer’s style. Just look at the structure of each argument. Analyze the points that were most eloquently stated and decide why they had as much impact as they did. Compare one argument to another and think less about the topic itself and more on how it was conveyed. This will help you make the best style choices when you construct your introduction.

Using these three basic tips you can construct an introduction that leads well into a powerfully persuasive essay.