15 Thoughtful Ideas For College Counterargument Essay Topics

A counterargument essay requires you to consider a possible claim against your thesis or some aspect of your reasoning. If you’re given a statement to refute, you should select evidence to prove that your point of view is more solid. Usually, students complete two steps to finish such a paper. First, they turn against their arguments and challenge them. Second, it’s necessary to turn back and re-affirm them. To get started and come up with a topic idea, check out the suggestions below.

What to Write Your Counterargument Essay About: Good Prompts

  1. Cheating helps students pass science classes successfully.
  2. Standardized tests don’t measure students’ abilities well.
  3. Technologies make people more alone.
  4. Most apps rather waste people’s time than help them in everyday life.
  5. Learning games can replace a traditional classroom.
  6. People shouldn’t trust online reviews when looking for a perfect hotel.
  7. Graffiti should be considered art, along with posters and frescos.
  8. Girls face much pressure to have the perfect body than the boys do.
  9. Equal rights for men and women is a myth.
  10. Some youth sports are too intense.
  11. National security is far more important than personal privacy.
  12. Rich people should pay more taxes to support low-income families.
  13. Birth control pills should be available to teenage girls without a prescription.
  14. A traditional dating is a thing of the past.
  15. Scientists should be allowed to conduct any kind of research to beat old age so that people could live longer.

Where to Place Your Counterargument: Different Options

  • As a part of your introduction.
  • You can put a counterargument before the thesis statement to demonstrate the existence of a different point of view toward the issue.

  • As a paragraph right after your introduction.
  • Sometimes, it makes sense to oppose your argument to prevent the expected reaction of the readers on your main point.

  • As a quick statement within a body paragraph.
  • If you provide a counterargument to a particular aspect of your thesis, write a sentence or two in the middle of the paragraph where you discuss that point.

  • As a paragraph before the conclusion.
  • Some writers prefer to prove their position first and then discuss potential objections to what they have argued.

It’s important to mention that turning into opposing ideas here and there may weaken your thesis and, therefore, lower your grade. So, make sure not to overdo it and support your position to be sound.