A List of Inspiring Topics for a US History Research Paper

Writing a research paper in history is an interesting task. You need to break down your subject by era, region, war, and natural calamities etc. Once you have, the break up you can draw a flowchart to explain it better. After you have a diagram, you can look at all the areas and divisions carefully and decide which one you are most comfortable with. It is not necessary that everything you have information about is easy to write. There is a much larger difference between having information of something and being passionate about it. If you are a student and need to write a research paper on history, then the first thing you need is an inspiring topic.

List of topics in US history

The history of America dates back to many centuries. You can either choose to write about early decades when Columbus actually found this island or talk about recent changes in American history. It is up to you to decide a time that you want to write about in your research paper. Here is a list of topics in the history of United States of America that can help you see how your topic should look like.

  1. Why did the European nations come to America?
  2. How did the slave trade and slavery system start in America?
  3. Were Native Americans used to keeping slaves for work or did it occur to them by some example
  4. Was Early America a liberal state like it is now?
  5. What were the conflicts between Native Americans and the colonist communities?
  6. How the American Revolution started and what did African Americans do in this revolution?
  7. What was the driving force for the civil war in United States?
  8. How did the civil war benefit the slaves?
  9. What amendments were made to the constitution of United States of America after the civil war?
  10. What were the impacts of civil war on the south and North America?
  11. What factors lead to the economic recession in America?
  12. The journey to a world super power, the hardships, and sacrifices made by the American people
  13. Who was the representative of African Americans in south at the time of Civil War
  14. Did President Lincoln play an important role in shaping the current human rights structure in the world?