5 Places To Visit Looking For Scholarship Essay Examples About Yourself

Writing your scholarship essay will require you to dig deep in yourself. The essay will be very personal and it will reveal a lot about your personality to the acceptance board. It is imperative that you preview examples of college essays, so you will know how to write the perfect admission essay when it is time. There are five places where you can explore to look at sample admission essays. You can ask your guidance counselor, ask your English or writing teacher, you can look online, you can ask a tutor, or your can go to a writing company for assistance.

Guidance Counselor

When you begin to work with your guidance counselor on college applications, one of the first things you should do is ask him or her to see sample essays. You can begin to get a feel for the admission essay from the very beginning.

English or Writing teacher

All English teachers and writing teachers have portfolios with samples in tem. Ask you 11th or 12th grade teachers what they have that you can study for an admission example. You may have to see them after school to look at the folder of samples.


There are thousands of sample admissions online. When looking just make sure you pick one that is well written and not use a poor example as your guide. As always, carefully consider the source of the paper.

Ask a Tutor

If you have employed a tutor or plan in hiring one, ask him or her if you can look at the sample admissions essays that he or she has in their work folder. The more admission essays you can scan, the better your essay will end up being.

Ask a Writing Company

You can ask a writing company for a sample, but you will probably have to employ them. The company is a business, and want wish to give away free samples. It is not a bad idea to hire a writing company for help, as this may be the most important essay that you write in your high school career.

As you begin the admission essay process, you will want to look at example essays. You can ask your guidance counselors, ask your teacher, look online, ask a tutor, or ask a writing company to see the admission essay samples.