What Is The Proper Format For A Five Paragraph Essay Outline?

If you are writing a five paragraph essay, you have to know about the structure or the proper ingredients that you have to add. In this way, you can prove yourself as a talented writer by scripting an excellent five paragraph essay. However, if you are not able to flourish with your writing easily, you can get benefitted if you make an outline of whatever you are going to write. Before pen down your work, if you pre-plan the points, then you can establish the way you want to present your work.

There are endless ways which you can opt for while scripting a five paragraph essay. But you have to follow a proper outline or a proper structure which will make your essay exceptionally and skillfully written.

Try to follow the given outlines of the format to write a five-paragraph essay:

  • First paragraph- Introduction:
  • The introductory part is the most important part of your writing. This part will help the readers to know about the main objective of your essay. What do you want to say through your work should be represented here, in this section. Therefore, you have to present the outline of your whole write up. You have to put forward the format of each paragraphs and its contents. You should be careful about this section, since this particular section will only grab the attraction of the readers and will force them to read it thoroughly.

  • Second paragraph- 1st argument:
  • Whatever the topic is, divide it into segments so that you can explain your point of view clearly. In this paragraph, present your first argumentative statement about the topic. Whatever might be the type of essay, like descriptive, persuasive or something else, plan your primary and secondary statements about the topic. Here, you can clarify the positive sides of the topic.

  • Third paragraph- 2nd argument:
  • In this section, write about the secondary statement , which as important as the first one and you want to portray it in your work. Before writing up the essay, when you have planned the whole format, choose two argumentative statements. Here, you can clarify the negative sides of the topic.

  • Fourth paragraph-comparisons and references:
  • Provide the readers a good comparison about your statements and also give references, so that they can understand it very well. This will help them to catch your viewpoint.

  • Fifth paragraph- conclusion:
  • Write a great conclusion to your work to give a pleasant ending to your writing. You should summarize the whole thing to end it in an excellent way.