Writing a term paper: references to WWW sources

Term paper writing is full of challenges. From finding useful sources, learning how to document those sources, as well as organizing the paper, term paper writing is much more complex than most people think it is. One of the biggest challenges for students involves including those resources that you found in the text of the paper.

Internet Sources Trump Print Sources

Most students now turn to the Internet for sources before they look to books, journals, and interviews. So many useful sources are available online. Many professors argue that students should not use Internet sources because they are not always reliable, so those professors need to teach their students how to tell if the sources are legitimate or not. Once the source has been determined to be a legitimate source, then students should include pertinent information in a least two place: the works cited page and the actual text.

Learn How to Format In-Text

Formatting in-text documentation is easy to do with books and magazines. In most cases, when students include information from sources inside of their papers, then they usually include the last name of the author and the page number where the information was found. As always, in-text documentation needs to be formatted according to the style that is required for the term paper.

Choose the Proper Format for Your WWW Source

The challenges with including resources from the WWW in the text of your term paper come with knowing how to cite the source. Since WWW sources are listed on the works cited page are done differently, the way they are included in the paper itself are written differently, too. For example, an MLA paper has different formats for websites that have an editor, articles that are shared online, or websites that are sponsored by the government. So, if students need to include in-text documentation, they will need to research how to show their sources when they quote or paraphrase from their sources.

Use Your Resources

Fortunately, students have several places to look when they need to see how to properly cite their sources. Students can look to the official websites for their formatting styles, like APA, MLA, and Chicago Style. They can also look to several college websites that have excellent online writing labs. There are also official books about each formatting style, but make sure you get the latest edition of the book so you have all of the WWW formatting styles.