5 Prompts On How to Wind Up Essay Examples

Every essay has got a general structure starting with the introduction, main body and the conclusion. Each of these parts plays a vital role in making the essay complete, coherent and easy flowing. A major mistake that many students make when writing an essay is to ignore the significance of the conclusion part. The conclusion is probably the last interaction that the student would have with the reader. It might be the only last chance to persuade the admission board. This makes the conclusion to be a significant part that cannot be wished away.

A good essay should end on a high, right after the key moment. This would keep the reader or admission officer thinking about you. For a person who does not know how to conclude an essay, they could try the following tips.

  1. End with a dialogue or conversation.
  2. If in the body of the essay you achieved something and were rewarded, in the conclusion you could mention that you were congratulated. For example you could write. The Principal said “Congratulations, I knew you could do it.” Then you could conclude by saying: It was then that I learned that with determination and the right attitude I can accomplish anything.

  3. Conclude by taking action
  4. You could conclude by talking of something that justifies your action. This shows that you have taken a risk and actually are committed to the choice that you have made.

    Having excelled in that, I knew this is the right place for me, and that is why I chose to apply here. 

  5. Address the reader directly.
  6. Take a more direct approach and tell the reader what the opportunity means to you, why you are excited about the offer. Be careful not to flatter the reader.

    For example one might say; the reason I am excited about this opportunity is because it will help me improve my skills and make me a better person to change my community. 

  7. Make a description
  8. A person can decide to end by giving a description that would last, for instance one could say;

    “When I saw this post advertised I was overjoyed because I knew that my all my experiences and accomplishments in life were preparing me for this one opportunity.”

  9. Address the person you were talking with at the beginning.
  10. You could address the person you talked to at the start of the easy or end by mentioning something you used in the opening statement. For instance if in the beginning you mentioned that the college provides opportunity for students who have got exemplifying abilities, you could repeat that.

After all the college demands that a person should have exemplifying abilities.