How to choose unusual topic for an argument essay?

An argument essay is just as the name implies; an essay where the writer argues for a certain point of view. And like any other type of essay, one of the most important steps you can take in creating your argument essay is to choose the right topic. Of course answering the question as to what is an unusual topic is the key to your success. What is unusual and where can you find unusual topics for your argument essay? Here are four sources to inspire you.

Check out your own mind

It is easier to write a powerful argument essay when the subject of the essay is something about which you have a very strong opinion. Look inwardly and write down the things about which you have a very powerful belief. Will one or more of those things be an ideal topic for your argument essay? Is there plenty of research material on some or all of those topics? If so, then seriously consider those topics because when you have passion and enthusiasm for a subject, your feelings spill over in your writing. You are more likely to produce a powerful argument essay.

Is it unusual and unknown?

Perhaps the one creates the other but it is possible that an unusual topic for an argument essay has also been written about many times before. Just imagine that you are the teacher or tutor who has to read this essay. They inwardly groan when they realize that topic X is being written about by yet another student. By all means find something which is unusual for your topic but also make sure that it hasn't been done to death by others.

Check out the media

The media is full of unusual topics. Even a cursory glance through a newspaper or a news’ bulletin on television or online will quickly reveal a number of topics you could choose for your argument essay. Of course you want one which is a little off the beaten track, a little unusual, but there are certainly many such topics which spring up every day via the media.

Explode the myth

When looking for something usual for your argument essay, if you can find a myth or misconception being promoted in society today, then writing an argument exposing this myth will make an excellent unusual topic for your argument essay. You are winning both ways by your choice of unusual topic and your ability to expose a myth.