How to write a college essay: rethinking main ideas

Sometimes you come up with an excellent essay topic only to realize halfway through that it does not fully meet your needs. Perhaps your first draft received poor feedback from peers or an adviser. Maybe the sources you were counting on for assistance are unavailable when you need them and the scope of your essay has to be reduced to accommodate that. No matter the cause, when faced with this challenge you can proceed with confidence once you take the following steps:

  1. Keep your time constraints in mind There is certain satisfaction that comes from a completed essay that fully shows off your academic prowess. You will not get to enjoy this if you restructure your essay midway and aim for themes that you will not be able to fully develop before your deadlines. It may seem a little like working below your potential but there will other opportunities to impress. Think of it as working strategically rather than impulsively chasing short-term glory that you cannot realistically attain.

  2. Stand out Your originality as a writer is one of your best assets. If the ideas you were about to present fall short of of your creative potential, feel free to return to the drawing board to alter them. You may end up with a far better final result. Creativity also leads to a more enjoyable writing experience which allows you to write faster and for longer stretches of time which will make the work not seem like work at all. Creativity does not require you to pursue the most expansive themes either. You decide on the limits you will place on your imagination to create original ideas that can be easily used in a college essay.

  3. Consider your other resources Do you know someone with firsthand experience of a topic that could provide you with information that helps in the restructuring of your main ideas? Maybe you have access to a book or an ebook that is full of useful content that can help you build a better essay. The internet is full of reputable sources you can use when you are selecting a new direction with a piece of writing. Just remember to weed out the unusable options online so that you maintain the integrity of your essay.

Just remember, you CAN change direction successfully once you have the right plan.