How to Write a College Essay

Writing an essay in college is a typical assignment that helps develop and improve writing skills. Most fields of study require students to write an essay of some form to allow students to engage in research concepts and ideas. Yet, college essay material is often more complex since students are required to provide in-depth details about their topic, depending on the subject content of the essay. For the most part, having a few tips to keep in mind may help you tackle the task easier.

  1. Choose a good topic that has significant points of interest to address. Gather facts and statistics to help you get ideas on how to conduct your research. Reviewing writing samples on your topic may also give ideas.
  2. Develop a strong thesis statement. If the topic is about something you have an interest in you may be able to view it from a different perspective to form your statement. The statement tells readers what your essay is about or the purpose of the written content. The thesis usually appears in the introduction paragraph.
  3. Write the introduction to your essay. This is a paragraph that gives a preview of what readers can expect throughout the written text. This also explains the main idea or argument you are presenting to your audience.
  4. The body of the essay follows the introduction. Use data collected from your research to develop paragraphs to present your evidence. Content in the body paragraphs may include facts, statistics, and other information to form your explanation behind your thesis. Each point you present may have a paragraph with a topic sentence at the beginning.
  5. Your conclusion will follow and be the last paragraph of the essay. This is a summary of the significant points mentioned throughout the essay. In some cases it helps reinstate the main point or argument. It should leave readers with a lasting impression.

Remember to take time to proofread your work. Check for spelling errors and proper word usage. It helps to create a rough draft before completing a final to turn it. Many students decide not to proofread their work upon completion leading to a lower grade. Avoid copying content word for word when writing. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can ruin your reputation and your grade. Legal action or expulsion from school could result.