A List Of Strong Problem Solution Essay Topics On Child Labor

Other than child abuse and murder, then the issue of child labor and exploitation has to be one of the most emotionally fraught and contentious issues out there right now. From an academic point of view, this subject is pure gold. A subject like this gives you a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate your problem-solving skills within the framework of an essay. You can be sure that there is going to be an awful lot of competition within the classroom to be the one to hand in that essay. Hopefully my list of strong problem solution essay topics on child labor will ensure that person is you:

  • Examine the effectiveness of the measures already in place, and explore what more can be done by relatively rich governments to tackle the issue of child labor and exploitation in capitals like Manila.
  • Explore the consequences of Western consumers “Talking with their feet” and boycotting budget clothing retailers such as Primark that source their products from factories where child labor is believed to be a problem.
  • Examine whether the International Labor Organizations definitions of child labor are robust enough and whether different interpretations of it water down its effectiveness. Do the United Nations have a role to play in tackling this issue or is it down to individual countries to either tackle it or ignore it as they see fit?
  • Explore the top ten global hotspots for child labor. Is this a third-world problem, or is it also prevalent in developed nations too?
  • Is child labor the same as child abuse?
  • Explore historical examples of child labor, for example, when young boys were routinely sent down coal mines to work in Victorian England. Contrast this to instances of child labor that are occurring in the twenty-first century.
  • Is some child labor okay? For example using the under fifteens to carry out light duties for short periods of time? Is there a sliding scale of acceptability? Is it ever okay to turn a blind eye?
  • What measures can charities and NGO’s do to be more proactive about raising public awareness of this issue? For example through television advertising and social media. Explore how effective adopting this approach would likely to be.
  • Are we as a society culpable? Do we put on our blinkers and refuse to look past our own personal situations? Does the fact that this is happening to someone else’s children rather than our own, make us less human?