Why you should never copy from essay sample

If you are wondering what an essay sample is, then it is best described as a pre-written piece of work based on a certain subject. It may be a piece of work that a past student has written for their studies, or it could be a piece of work that someone has written for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, it is an existing essay that is available for others to look at.

Of course, some students may choose to do more than look at it, and, instead, choose to copy it. As most students will be aware, this is plagiarism, and can lead to a great deal of trouble.

Why plagiarism is not advisable

The simple and most straightforward reason as to why plagiarism is not advisable is the simple fact that if you do get caught, then there can be serious consequences. Ultimately, a plagiarised essay can result in failure for the paper that you hand in – if you get caught - as well as potentially failing the whole subject - or facing more serious consequences, such as expulsion.

The chance of getting caught for plagiarism

For some people, the risks of being found out outweigh the rewards; whilst, with others, it can be the other way round. There are different forms of plagiarism; some may be simply copying from a textbook or other source of information, whilst others may be copying a previously written piece of work. As a result, some forms of plagiarism are easier than others to spot. Reasons for getting caught include tell-tale signs or because the sophisticated technology that exists these days is able to quickly scan a large number of documents to compare with an essay. The chances of getting caught depend largely upon the educational establishment that the work is written for, and how thoroughly they check, as well as how easy it is to identify the work has been plagiarised. Sometimes, the chances are very high, whilst other times, the likelihood of getting caught can be very low.

Determining whether plagiarism is worth it

This largely depends on the students own views. For students that have plagiarised work and have got away with it, they would most likely be inclined to say that it was worth it. However, for those that haven’t got away with it, it may seem like a complete waste of time, with negative consequences that far exceed any benefit that they would have gained from plagiarising work.