Rise of Cyber Bullying in America 

Technology has brought many changes to the world, and for the most part made life more efficient and enjoyable. Unfortunately there have also been many drawbacks to the rise of technology, it has lead to a phenomenon called cyber bullying in America. Cyber bullying is like traditional bullying where a person is picked on by someone else, but it happens online. The causes are pretty much the same as traditional bullying but the results can definitely cause a permanent rift in the life of those being bullied and those doing the bullying.

Why People Bully

When a person feels powerless, often then project their behavior onto someone else. Traditionally it was the socially different or weaker people that the bullies would single out, and the bullying would take place around their interactions around school, on the bus or in between classes. This bullying hurt people and was a significant cry for help, but it was often left unheard and the bullies and the victims of bullying suffered significantly. When someone went home they were free from bullying and it didn’t follow them throughout their lives.

Today Bullying is Constant

With the advent of cyber bullying there is no break or safe haven for those being bullied. It can occur constantly throughout the day and follow a person constantly. There have been cases of cyber bullying where the person doing the bullying went to the extreme of following the person to another town. Online bullying can take place over great distances and can hurt a person’s reputation for a long time to come.

Often times, cyber bullying provides a bit of anonymity to the bully so they feel like they can say things that they would never consider saying to anyone face to face. However with no face to face confrontation involved there can be many things said which are very hurtful. There have been instances where the cyber bullying has gotten so bad that it led to suicide. The bullies do not get off without repercussions, because they are clearly in need of help, and feel powerless in their lives, but no help can reach them.

Bullying is an age old problem and can destroy lives. Cyber bullying has added the use of technology to the mix. This has made it much more difficult to combat the bullying and also much more difficult to help address the issues that cause bullying. All adults agree that any bullying is wrong and should be eliminated but without the proper supervision by all parents it is unlikely to stop. Real damage can be done and is being done each and every day.