How to Write An Ideological Comparison Essay

Ideological comparison essays are essays in which you choose two (or three) ideas to compare without adding in any personal bias.  By adding a bias, you are no longer comparing two ideas, you are arguing for one idea over another.  There are many different styles of writing, but all ideological comparisons need the same three things.  In order to write a great ideological comparison you will need a topic, good sources, and the ability to format your paper correctly.

First, the topic.  All top-notch essays have great topics, but not all great topics are easy to come by.  Perhaps the easiest way to begin is by thinking of the different political parties in the United States (or other countries).  You really only have to pick two of them, but if you can utilize the space in your essay to fit more than two (at the absolute most, three) then by all means, you should add in that third subject.  You just have to keep in mind that by picking more than two subjects, you may need to focus on a particular issue rather than a general overview of each subject.  Of course, there are other ways to go about picking a topic, however this is probably the easiest one to think of since politics has such a wide range of possibilities.

You have your topic lined up and ready to go, but so far, the only place you have looked at for information is Wikipedia.  Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not hold up very well in scholarly settings.  Although you can get an abundance of information through Wikipedia, it may be more helpful to check out the sources that Wiki-users have posted.  Those sources can go a long way in helping your essay seem more believable.  Otherwise, you may want to check out the library and see what kinds of books are available on your particular topic, or you can do a general web search for reputable newspaper articles.

Lastly, the formatting of your essay is very important.  Not knowing how to format your paper can cost you a grade and, more importantly, the respect that your document would surely have if formatted correctly.  Try looking up Purdue University’s OWL (Online Writing Lab) to get up-to-date information on APA and MLA formats.  Make sure you know which one is appropriate for your assignment before committing to one style or another.

Topics, sources, and formatting are all very important in writing your ideological comparison essay.  Each one has its own merit in helping you successfully write your essay.  By knowing how to get each one, you are one step closer to finishing your assignment and receiving a good mark.