Custom Written Essays – How To Buy Them For Cheap?

With the world at our fingers tips, we don’t always have time to write essays or do our research papers. Luckily, the internet provides these services for us. There are many companies that supply custom written essays to fit every need. It is hard to choose one without since there are so many out there. Try these tips when buying an essay.


Many companies provide custom essays for $9.95 a page. This seems to be the going rate at most places. Some companies offer essays as low as $7.50 per page and as high as $23.99 per page. Depending on your need, companies are out there willing to write your essay. Do not get any essay for free, most likely it is a scam or the essay will be horrible.


If you are a last minute person, companies are still willing to write an essay for you. Some websites have a turnaround time in as little as 8 hours. To get a great essay, make sure to buy ahead of time. This way, you can tell the writer what needs to be changed to fit your need.

Testimonials and Reviews

Read the testimonials and reviews on and off the website. Many provide reviews right on the webpage, but make sure to cross reference them with other websites.

How to Buy the Cheapest One

Shop around. There are many sites out there. $7.50 is about the lowest you are going to find. If you find a reputable site that is lower, buy it from that one. There are websites that offer written essays for $5 or $10, for the entire essay. Most of these have writers with profiles and ratings, sometimes even writing profiles. These might be the cheapest option, just make sure to pick a good writer.

There are many companies out there who do custom written essays. Make sure it is a reputable one and they can meet the deadline you need. Also, be prepared to pay a little more depending on the type of essay you need. Some essays are demanding than others, and get a good grade, the time has to be put in.