A List of New Exploratory Essay Topics for Physics Class


What is an exploratory essay?

An exploratory essay is a writing that is nonfiction in nature and where a writer looks at an experience, an idea, or a problem.  When looking at the problem, the idea, or the experience, the writer attempts to thoroughly work through either one, without attempting to state some sort of claim, or provide support for a thesis statement.  An exploratory essay is normally easy to digress and is based on speculation.  With an exploratory essay, it allows different interpretations and different responses from the readers of the essay.  The exploratory essay tries to make connections between the writer’s personal life, the world in its natural state, and patterns of culture.   

What are the characteristics of an exploratory essay?

  1. The exploratory essay does not attempt to prove or disprove a thesis.
  2. The exploratory essay is nonfiction in nature.
  3. The exploratory essay allows each reader to come up with their own interpretation of the writer’s perspective of the main topic.
  4. The exploratory essay is always written from the personal perspective of the writer.
  5. The exploratory essay’s subject matter is always personal in nature to the writer.
  6. The language of the exploratory essay is always figurative in nature.

What are some good topics for an exploratory essay for physics class?

  1. A good topic would be on the correlation between matter and light.
  2. Another good topic would be atoms and atomic matter.
  3. The components of matter and energy would be a good topic for an exploratory essay in physics.
  4. The advancements at NASA would be a good physics topic.
  5. The correlation between DNA sequencing and chromosomes would be a good topic for a physics exploratory essay.
  6. Humans knowing their child’s DNA make-up before giving birth is a good topic as well.

How to choose a good topic for an exploratory essay for physics class?

  1. Select a topic where the research will be fun to conduct and write about.
  2. Ensure to complete an outline before beginning writing the exploratory essay.  No matter what type of paper that is being written, and outline should always be done before writing the first draft.
  3. The Introduction to the exploratory essay should be excellent and eye-catching to the targeted audience.
  4. The writer of the essay should always ensure to investigate and research the topic thoroughly.
  5. The finalized exploratory essay should be proofread and summarized very carefully.
  6. The exploratory essay should be formatted as follows: Introduction, Body (at least three paragraphs), and Conclusion.