Where To Get Info For Your Abortion Essay

Writing an essay on a controversial topic such as abortion will include the assistance of reputable sources. This means you need to make a list of sources to consider collecting information. You need sources that offer unique insight on the topic including statistics, facts, and opinions. The information you need will depend on how you want to write your essay and from what angle or perspective. The good news is there are various options to consider in getting the information you need. You just need to compare details they have to offer before deciding to use it as a source.

Websites with Abortion Information

This may take a little research but there are different websites that feature info on the topic from different standpoints. For instance, there are sites that are against abortion and will state their reasons along with laws or standards in place. There are sites that support abortion and may provide info that will make the act look good or in a positive light; something that can be a turn off for people who are against it. Be cautious of sites you use to pull information and make sure it is a reputable site. You may want to read news articles, journal material, and recent studies posted by universities and research firms for additional content.

Abortion Clinics and Healthcare Facilities for Women

There are clinics that have websites and those you may need to look up in the phone book or directory. This can be a unique opportunity to connect with medical personnel that are for or against abortion. In some cases you may be able to connect with women who have decided to get an abortion or those who protest the option. Some clinics that offer this option may have a few people protesting at the facility onsite with signs and posters.

Additional Ideas for Where to Get More Information

There are reference books, social services agencies, and even previously written essays on the subject you can review. Sometimes it helps to think like a person who wants to get an abortion. Where would you go for this type of information? If you are against abortion, you may be interested in getting connected with support groups that offer further information you may find useful. Talk with healthcare professionals and consider getting opinions from people you know on the subject to help you get more leads.