Your Friend Can Help You Get Some Economics Term Paper Topics

Economics term papers are never easy, unless you have a friend who has already taken the course and written a paper. While you cannot use the paper that your friend submitted for a grade, you can ask your friend to help you create some topic ideas for your economics term paper. There is an old saying about two heads being better than one and when you need to brainstorm ideas for a term paper, this saying is completely true. It is much easier to brainstorm when you have someone to help you.

Use Your Friend’s Papers for Inspiration

One of the first ideas for your term paper is something similar to what your friend wrote. If you know how to rewrite papers to pass the plagiarism checker, you might be able to simply rewrite your friend’s paper and use it as your own, but you will need new sources to make it truly unique. Since you would have conduct new research, you should write your own paper. But, if you really liked the work that your friend did, you could use ideas in the paper as inspiration for your own. These are a few places where you can find ideas:

  1. The topic sentences
  2. The subheadings
  3. The titles of the sources
  4. The hook
  5. The conclusion

Where to Look for Ideas

If you would prefer to create a topic that is your own unique topic, there are several other places you can go for inspiration. These places include the Internet, your textbook, a favorite journal or magazine article you read for class, and interesting charts and graphs. Since the world of economics is always changing, there are always going to be new and interesting topics available. Your friend might be able to show you places to look for topic inspiration that you never thought of before, like comics, television programs, and economic blogs. When you work with a friend to create a list of economics term paper topics, you might actually even have a little fun!

Here are a few other topic ideas that could become fascinating econ term papers:

  1. The role of legalize marijuana in local economies
  2. Local economies and the effect of e-commerce
  3. Payroll taxes and youth employment
  4. Online freelancing and the changing job market
  5. Flaws in public education and the damage to the future workplace
  6. Satellite radio vs. commercial radio
  7. Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurships
  8. Employment training in the new economy