Entry Essays: Quality Control

When you need to write an entry essay, quality control is crucial. What this means is that your essays needs to show quality, not be about quality control.

A quality essay will have 4 main parts. We will discuss each part here today.

Thesis Statement

This will be the point of your essay. It will tell what the essay will be about in at should be the very first paragraph although sometimes it can be more than that depending on the length of the entire essay. Be sure to clearly state your thesis statement.


The body of your essay will come after the thesis statement. In these paragraphs you will put forth the evidence that you have found through your research that supports your thesis statement. This can be as long as it needs to be but it should not be full of fluff. Make sure that each sentence imparts some useful bit of information. Also make sure that anytime you use information that you found in your research you are keep notes of for the last part of the essay. This is very important.


The ending of your essay should pull together all of the information that you covered in the body of the essay and show how it led to the conclusions that you have reached. This can be as short as one paragraph or longer as long as each sentence is necessary and not fluffed.


Most higher education and even grade school essays will require that references must be shown. This should be on the last page of the essay and the page should be titled References. Any information that you gleaned from another source should be referenced. This is quite possibly the most important part of the paper. If you do not quote your references then you will fail the paper and possibly the class. Not citing references can lead to an accusation of plagiarism and that is a criminal offense.

Those are the four main parts of an essay. If you make sure that your thesis statement is clearly made and supported by the evidence you found through the research presented in the body and summed up in the ending while making sure that all of your references were listed in the proper order then you will ensure that you have written a quality essay. These are really not hard to do, just keep to the steps and it will go smoothly.