Cause and Effect Essay - Help me Choose a Suitable Topic

In order to write a cause and effect essay you will need to decide on a scenario in which you experienced an effect as the result of an action. Throughout the body paragraphs you will explain what had occurred. This type of essay gives you the opportunity to identify with patterns and discover why things turned out the way that they did. How do you decide on a topic? You may want to consider a major event within you own life or in reference to a historical event. This is also an opportunity for you to think critically and recognize what types of patterns result in a positive or negative outcome

In order to elaborate on these events you will want to look at behaviors, errors and what type of attitude had led to the downfall. If there is devastation as the result of these actions, explain why it was unfortunate and how it affected an entire community of people. For example, you can talk about what led to the great depression and how it affected commonwealth. Has this type of pattern continued throughout history? Study all aspects of the event to build a well-rounded essay.

How to Talk about the Effect

When you are talking about a downfall you will want to explain how it happened and how it could have been prevented. This may take more research on your part – but, it will make you consider how one decision or attitude can affect society. If you are writing about a broad topic it's going to be a lot easier for you if you narrow the subject matter down. In a shorter essay it can be a lot more difficult to acknowledge the cause and the event's effects.

To make the topic easier to research and write about, consider what the most important cause it. Look at whether or not you can segment it into different categories. It's also a lot easier to write about a topic that actually interests you. Narrow it down to something that you'd be willing to write about and it may also make it much more interesting to the readers.

Recognizing Details within the Cause

There is an endless amount of ways to recognize what has caused a disaster. You have the ability to research years before this event has occurred and study the sequence of decisions to see what had contributed to a loss or accident the most. It's interesting to note whether or not those patterns continue in both people and in society. You can make a great cause and effect paper if you also incorporate reflection into the piece. This shows the audience that you can think about the event critically. Is the tragedy something that people have learned from and is it a continual event? If it does continue, talk about how it plays into sociology, people and the cycle of life. There's a lot that you can do with the guideline and it's up to you to get creative with the event that you have chosen.