Composing a Psychology Research Paper: Format Requirements

Students are assigned all types of papers and assignments over their career.  Each one has their own set of parameters and needs.  Knowing what is needed for each task becomes overwhelming and daunting.  For a psychology research paper, the student needs to know how to correctly compose the paper, so that they will adhere to the format requirements.

Most psychology papers, require that the student follows the American Psychological Association (APA) format.  The APA format is a very strict format that the student has to know the rules for when they are working on their assignment of a research paper.

APA Requirements:

Each paper is divided into four parts.

  1. The first part is the Title page.  This holds the information of the students name, school and title of the paper itself.  All the information should be centered.
  2. The second part is maximum of 250 words abstract.  This should give the reader a short summary of the paper, including the research question, methods tried and brief conclusion.
  3. Next is the main body, which is the actual paper.  Each page should contain the header. Be organized in a manner that makes sense using bullets and subtitles as needed.  Every new idea, should have a new paragraph to keep ideas separate.
  4. The References are the fourth and final part.  This will hold all the sources of research used.  It needs to be listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the reference.

Other Requirements

  1. The paper has a header of the students’ name and page number. The header has to be under 50 characters, including spaces.  If a student’s name is longer than this count, they should use initials for their first name. This header will be placed on each page of the work.
  2. The font of the paper should be 12 point Times New Roman, no other font will be accepted under the APA guidelines.
  3. When the student prints out their work, it should be on a standard paper size.  Not poster size, or any other deviation.  
  4. The line spacing of the paper should be double spacing.  

When students work on their APA psychology research paper, they must follow the requirements, otherwise a student might have their paper rejected by the professor at the worst, but at the least their grade will suffer. Each paper will be different by their content, but they must look the same for the overall effect of consistency for the APA style