Where To Search For A Perfect Example Of A SAT Essay

Taking the SATs can be a very stressful time. The constant studying for every subject can be a lot for anyone to deal with. Everyone wants to be completely prepared for their SATs so that they can get into the college of their choice. The essay portion of the test can often be the hardest part for so many people. Not everyone is a natural writer and in a practice test there is no real way to grade that portion of the test due to its subjective nature and people’s inability to adequately assess their own work. What you can do though is practice a lot to get better at writing them. Here are some places to find examples.

Where to Look

  • SAT practice test books
  • The internet
  • Students who have taken the test
  • SAT Practice Test Books

These test books are made specifically to give you an idea of what the test will be like and each one is different. They also contain practice essay questions so if you are looking to improve your skills in the essay portion you can simply use questions from different years or publications of these books to get different questions. This should help you learn to respond adequately to the questions.

The Internet

The internet is an excellent resource for essay questions and answers. The answer portion is something that can help you with the test. You can see what kind of answers the graders are looking for and what type of detail to give your answer. If you study these responses, it can be of great use when it comes time to take the test.

Students Who Have Taken the Test

A student who has taken the SATs can tell you what their question was, how they answered it and what kind of grade they got on that portion of the test. This can tell you what they are looking for in a response, what to do and what not to do. Feedback from someone who has been there can be helpful to you.

It is important to study hard for this test as it will be a huge part of your academic decisions. The grade you get will determine what schools you can apply to and where you are likely to get in. The essay portion is a big part of that so study all areas of the test equally as hard.