Where to Get a Good List of Essay Topics

One of the hardest things about essays can be choosing a topic. There’s just so many ideas out there that you could choose from, so which ones are the best? There needs to be a balance between what you are interested in and what you think the teacher wants to see from you. Too much to one side or the other and you won’t have as smooth a writing experience as you could have otherwise. If you can find a topic that both your teacher approves and you like, then you’ve found a happy medium. Another factor in choosing topic is the research material. If there isn’t enough source material for you to quote from or paraphrase or just to read for a general knowledge of the subject, then it will be very hard to make a good essay out of that topic. Pick one that has had lots of books written about it, documentaries made on it, and journal articles dedicated to it.

Topic Finding 101

If you’re really stumped and need some ides where to find inspiration about your topics, keep reading. A topic shouldn’t a source of stress for you, and if it is, make sure that you can find some help to get a good topic so that it doesn’t weigh too much on your mind. Here are a few ways that you can look for topics.

  1. Ask professionals in your field who have already graduated and are working in their dream jobs. They’ll have experience with the same essays you’re writing and they’ll be up to date with modern technology in the field.
  2. Talk to your teacher or other teachers of the same class. They probably have some essays that past students have written to use for an example or a topic idea.
  3. Try doing some initial research. Often, when you’re reading up about things that interest you, you can find a particular paragraph or even sentence that intrigues you, and that can make for a great essay.
  4. Pick something at random. If you have lots of ideas and can’t narrow it down to one, write them all down on pieces of paper and draw one out of a bowl.
  5. Explore new territory. If you don’t want to do something that’s already been done, then take a chance to learn about something you don’t know anything about.