Help Me Write Quality Essay Examples

Essay examples are not that easy to write. Most colleges and schools will already have example essays for the courses that are taught written directly by examiners of a certain education board. Basically, essay examples are those essays that every other essay written by a student is compared to. By doing this, the teacher/lecturer is aware of which students are going down the right road and which ones need more assistance. Because of this, essay examples are very common practice and are very important in today’s world. This article expresses the various qualities of an essay example.


First and foremost, the essay example has to be flawless. It should have:

  1. Perfect structure
  2. No grammatical errors (or at least none that are easily recognizable)
  3. Diction that is true to its level of education, i.e. the right use of literary devices and depth of knowledge


Teachers/Lecturers look at the word count to tell them which essay is the best in terms of summarizing the necessary content in a given number of words. An essay that surpasses the word limit is not exactly the best example because it shows the writer’s inability to summarize effectively. Students do not need to see such essays, so make sure you stay within the word limit.


Essays that beat about the bush and don’t come up with any suitable conclusions are not exemplary essays. Also, those essays that list out all the important points without elaborating. You have to be somewhere in-between the two ends. An exemplary essay would be a perfect balance between the number of points outlined and the explanations given. As a general rule of thumb, three points are chosen and elaborated upon. This way, you have enough room for a good introduction and a satisfactory conclusion. Your content is blocked between the two paragraphs, structure is commendable and content is brilliant.

Once you have followed these steps and written out a sample essay, make sure you proofread whatever you’ve written. There’s no harm in going over what you have written before you submit it once and for all. Remember, the point of this essay is not to be perfect in content, but perfect in quality and communication. Yes the content is important, but if you lose out a little on the content, it will do no harm to your reputation.