Possible topics for economics term papers

When considering topics for an economic term paper it may help to review papers that were written in the past. You may have a few ideas based on current events which can be more interesting to complete when it is something you are following. But, past topics can give additional insight on how things have changed and how you can add a different twist with current events. There are parts of history that play an important role in how the economy has evolved. The following topics are a few ideas to consider that may include the past, present and future economy concerns that may make for interesting term paper research.

  • Have jobs overall increased or decreased? This can be from a country, state, or local perspective along with job sector or industry.
  • How do airlines make so much profit each year? Why does it cost so much to fly in an airplane? How have cost measures changed for security in recent years?
  • How does healthcare cost so much but the government expects most families to have their own form of coverage. Why is it that we should have insurance but certain procedures, drugs or services are not covered?
  • How is it possible to have a state and/or national lottery? Why is that people can have a chance to win millions of dollars but most people will not ever win?
  • What happened during the Great Depression and how did this event occur? Is it possible it can happen again with worst consequences?
  • Does life insurance really serve a purpose? Why should you buy this insurance? Why do experts suggest parents overlook the idea of buying life insurance for their children?
  • Why does attending college or a university cost so much? Why should parents start saving for their child’s education when this may not be enough when the child starts school?
  • How does the banking system work? How does it differ from one country to another?
  • Why do rich people keep their money in offshore accounts?
  • How much does it cost to kill someone order to death? Is it worth the cost to continue having the death penalty or could that money be put to another use that is better?
  • Could the world really live without cash?
  • What are disadvantages of teaching children to save money? Is it really best to teach them at a young age about money?