Sexual Harassment and Workplace Relationships

Over the years, the number of reported sexual harassment cases has grown. There are steps taken to prevent these situations, but statistics clearly show that they are not as effective as expected. Some people claim that actually instating all the anti-harassment policies spurs the offenders to commit the despicable act. Is this really true? It is not, as this publicity actually plays an important role in the growth of the number of workplace sexual harassment cases reported all over the country.

Those who claim that anti-harassment policies attract the disaster often fail to present logical arguments to support this point of view. This happens because it is impossible to think of a logical argument for it. The only thing that can partially support this view is the thought that advertising these policies gives people ideas. This could be an extremely important problem that is triggered by publicizing the reported cases of workplace sexual harassment and the trials connected to them. However, instead of inspiring some twisted people to follow the example, it gives hope to the actual victims. Seeing their perpetrators rightfully punished allows people to believe that they can also receive help and that their offenders will receive the justice they deserve. This is a powerful motivational tool that drives the victims to report the harassment. Therefore, it is not actually the number of cases that has grown over the recent years. It is the number of people who are strong enough to report these situations and fight to protect their rights.

Another argument that people who claim anti-harassment policies to be ineffective use is that they obviously do not help, as the number of people reporting the incidents grows. This indeed seems to be true when you look at the problem from one angle. However, you should consider it from a wider perspective. Those policies being enforced is what makes people answer for their crimes. This is an effective preventative measure, and statistics that show the dynamics within companies definitely show progress. The overall number of reported incidents is so huge, simply because people kept quiet about this abuse for a very long time. When they start taking action today, the problem actually gets solved.

Workplace sexual harassment is a serious problem in society today. It can only be solved by introducing anti-harassment policies that ensure that offenders are quickly spotted and effectively dealt with. Making the trials public also goes a long way in reducing the number of these incidents, as it shows the victims that justice has been taken.