Sleep Disturbance

Sleep disturbance is not a disease, but a symptom of something else. The problems that can cause sleep disturbances are not always easy to find. So what can they be? It can be caused by physical, mental, or even spiritual issues or problems. Looking into this, it can be seen how susceptible the body is to the many things around us.

Amount of Sleep

Too little sleep can be made up at a later time, which even though this can be an issue, it is not as bad as too much sleep. Too much sleep can be an issue because it allows for excessive regeneration. Excessive regeneration can lead to such conditions as cancer, and sclerosis. So a balance is needed. Most studies show that the majority of people need 7-8 hours of sleep. Some need less, and some need more, but when waking up is uncomfortable, or slow, the chances are, it is because of too much sleep.

Medicine can be the Cause

Even though some medications are needed, they can also cause sleep disturbances. People using medicine for blood circulation can have sleep issues. Antidepressants, and antiepileptics can also cause sleep disruptions. Blood medications can cause these because they affect the spiritual aspect of the body. Antidepressants and antiepileptics because they affect the mind. It is the same for medications like thyroid medicines, because they affect the body.

This is an area that the treating Doctor needs to be advised. So they can either watch the condition, and make adjustments as needed. Sometimes a medication that works for hundreds of people, even thousands, will not work properly on some.

Illnesses can be the Cause

An illness can cause sleep disturbances, just as other things can. Even sleeping in a new place can cause this. But if moving into a new place does not relax into a better sleep habit, then seeing a Doctor might be the next step. Because it could be an illness, or something in the place, causing an illness to develop. A lot of the time, having a hard time sleeping is symptomatic of a problem either there, or one developing. It is the body responding to a condition.

Handling Sleep Disturbances

Identifying the issue that is causing the disruption, and then addressing that issue, is what is needed. Sometimes asking your doctor for help is the best thing. Maybe if it is a new place, it is just an extended adjustment, and a light sleep aid is helpful. Maybe a disease, or an issue from some outside force; mold, dust, medicine, or any number of things.