Social Emotional Learning

What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social and emotional learning is when people gain and use real world skills to function and thrive among others. These skills used allow people to manage emotions, meet their goal, and develop healthy relationships. Participating in group activities and engaging with others is how these life skills are gained. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning is the organization that works toward creating evidence and legitimize the utmost importance of SEL.

Where does SEL Occur?

SEL can be seen in schools, workplaces, and offices. The most integral SEL should be instituted from preschool to high school, when people are still very development. It is hard to learn new habits during adulthood, but still possible of course. Many schools use school-family partnerships to facilitate social emotional learning. By developing a line of communications between parents and educators children’s needs of all kinds, social, emotional, academic, and more, can be addressed on the home front and in school. Having a hand on relationship with your child’s life skills is important. We must prepare children to function the most effectively possible in regular society, and this begins with social emotional learning right from the start.

What are SEL’s Benefits?

As we have outlined, social emotional learning prepares a person for the real world. It helps him or her to function well and make responsible decisions. They are able to connect emotionally with people, and be of sound mind even when faced with opposition. Some measurable benefits we have seen as a result of social emotional learning are a decrease in violence, physically aggressive behavior, substance abuse, and more hardships/obstacles. By instituting SEL from an early age we can help direct a person down a successful pathway, equipping him or her with the ability to make sound decisions.

How can We Promote SEL?

Promoting SEL is a great way to help develop strong individuals. Some ways we can promote SEL are by encouraging teacher, parents, and politicians to utilize social emotional learning. We must continue to provide evidence and data recording the effectively of SEL. It is easiest to institute in schools, or even in work places, but social emotional learning must be a part of school curriculum.