5 Points To Keep In Mind When Writing A New York City Descriptive Essay

If you want to write a comprehensively descriptive essay about New York, it is important to remember a few simple concepts. This article aims to remind you about those concepts so much so that it would help you create the best description of the city without much difficulty.

Important Points to Mention

  1. The Sites
  2. First off, you have to remember to try and talk about as many sites as you can. When describing New York City, you have to make sure that you to talk about landmarks and significant places that you can visit in the state. This way, you will be able to give the audience a clear picture of what they can expect from the city in case they decide to visit.

  3. The Native New Yorkers
  4. In addition to this, you have to focus on the people. How is it like interacting with New Yorkers as a whole? Do not be afraid to include anything negative about New York to give your essay a more balanced structure.

  5. The Food
  6. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you describe the local cuisine. What kind of food can you expect from the restaurants and food chains in New York? As a writer, you have to give the audience a virtual tour of this state. Therefore, you should not hesitate to be as detailed as possible when it comes to describing the food.

  7. The Local Culture
  8. Aside from this, you can also talk about the overall culture in this state. What types of customs can you expect from this particular place in the U.S.? Do you recommend going there to explore? You have to give them the pros and cons of visiting New York as part of your essay.

  9. The Entertainment Scene
  10. Additionally, you can also focus on the amount of entertainment that you can get from New York. What kind of leisure activities can you do when visiting the city? It would help if you are able to visit the place yourself to give a more comprehensive account of your experiences in the long run. However if you cannot afford to do this, the Internet is the next best resource to learn more about New York.


These are just some of the many tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind when writing a New York City description essay. It is extremely important to treat your exposition on possible to assist the nation’s like this one with the utmost respect. This is because you want to be able to convince others to visit the place that you are trying to describe. Otherwise, this could turn into a completely different kind of exposition in the end.