Politics Essay: Which Topics To Avoid

In other postings we talked about how to effectively approach sensitive subject matter like politics and religion in your academic essay. As hard as it can be to write about these topics, once you reach the college or university level you should be able to maturely discuss this subject matter without offending anyone. The way that we do this is by being aware of the sensitive subject matter that offends other people and contradicts their political beliefs. This doesn't mean that we CAN'T ever write about politics it just means that we have to tread lightly when we do. In fact, it is possible for a student to write an "A" grade politics paper that is insightful and doesn't offend anyone.

How To Navigate A Political Themed Paper

When we write political thesis papers there are some topics that are probably better to avoid. Yes, we do live in free country that encourages freedom of speech but their are some issues that still make people uncomfortable. For example promoting Nazism, or White supremacy in your academic writing is a BAD idea. Even if you are trying to do it in a way that is creative and thoughtful these topics automatically raise so major red flags.

Although it feels as if our society is becoming increasingly more open-minded if you do not know the personal opinions of your instructor (or peers) then you may also want to avoid discussing racism, or homosexuality in your political essay. It is okay to reference these topics when discussing other politician’s stances on different sensitive subject matter; it is just not advised that students get too involved when stating their own opinions on these topics. It isn't because these topics are not good to discuss in depth or important to talk about that they are not typically recommended for academic papers. The reason why we usually have to stay away from these things is because you never know whom you might offend. If you do not want your paper's evaluation to be based on bias opinions try to steer clear of sensitive political material whenever possible. If you must bring up these conversational items, try to do so in a way that is open minded and recognizes the other side of the issue.