How to Create a Unique Descriptive Essay

If you are looking to write a unique descriptive essay, you have come to the right place. Descriptive essays are usually fun to write. They are not so straight-forward and dry in material as other counterpart essays, and they also give you the liberty as a writer to come up with creative details to add in your essay. This is a great way to practice your style of voice as a writer. Especially if you are aiming to make your essay a unique stand out, it will behoove you to make bold descriptions that will certainly stand out from a crowd.

Making it Unique

If you are looking to separate your type of essay from the run of the mill essays that are constantly being written, it is a great way to hone in on your stylistic talents as a writer and let your writing shine in your descriptive essay. Do not be timid in your approach to a topic. Depending on the qualities that are essential for you essay, it is sometimes appropriate to be hyperbolic. Exaggeration is not forbidden from descriptive essays as well. The point is to paint an image in the reader’s mind and supply the essay with as much detail as possible. Ultimately, your readers will be able to visualize what you are writing, and the message will stick with them longer and they will understand the material greater. A great mark of success for descriptive writing is if each reader has their own interpretation of the subject, yet filled with immense detail. If you can achieve this balance, which is rare, you will have created a great descriptive essay.


The biggest downfall of creating a unique descriptive essay, however, is to get too wordy. You do not want to get too wordy in which your entire message is lost. Some people get carried away and use the most dense words as possible in one essay for the purpose of impressing others. This is not an impressive tactic, however, and may turn off your readers. If you lose your captive audience, this will result in the message of your essay not mattering in the end, which is counterproductive of the point of writing an essay. If your goal is to show off stylistically, write a work of fiction or poetry- this way, you will be able to explore how far you can push the limits. However, keep the descriptive essays clear and concise for the sake of the reader.