Application essay writing – top 10 hints

Getting into college is the primary focus of many high school students and it is also the thing that most high school students stress out most about. If you are someone who is not the best writer, this process can be really intimidating because of the college admissions essay which you will inevitably need to write. This essay is meant to give the college a perfect glimpse into the person that you are.

Writing the essay will be much easier if you plan out your main points ahead of time. You can ask around for advice. Current college freshmen might be good people to go to in order to get the best advice because they have just recently been through the process which you are embarking on now.

Here are ten tips for writing your essay:

  1. Do not simply list your academic achievements
  2. Include any volunteer service which you have completed
  3. Talk about why you fit into the college’s campus
  4. Express how you will add to the college’s student body
  5. Show that you exemplify the college’s mission statement
  6. Write about your personal attributes
  7. Get creative – you want the admissions readers to remember you
  8. Tell why you want to attend the college
  9. Use anecdotes from your life to make your points
  10. Be specific, do not just talk generally about yourself and your achievements

A college admissions essay is not a long paper and you will only have a limited amount of space to express yourself to the admissions officers. This means that being as specific as possible is vital. You will need to provide specific examples of times in your life that really show your character. For example, instead of saying that you have volunteered for years, talk about a rewarding volunteer experience which you have had in the past. Writing your essay is easier if you know what you are going to talk about. Think about what is truly important to you and how that relates to the college you are applying for. If you show the college that you are a good fit for their school and that you will add a great deal to their student body, then you have written a successful admissions essay. Always make sure to get someone else to read your essay in order to correct grammatical errors and to offer additional advice on what to add.