Persuasive Essay Topics Used so Often That It’s No Use to Write About

It is really hard to find a topic for a persuasive essay that has not been covered by someone before. This is why various resources designed to help students usually advise students to focus on developing unique perspectives and finding original arguments. However, there are some topics that have been discussed so many times that no amount of originality will help you create truly good essays on them.

If you want to really make an impression with your paper, you should avoid the following topics:

  1. Abortions are a good/bad thing.

    This topic is controversial and therefore, it should draw some attention to the paper, right? Unfortunately, it’s not true. So many people have written about this issue that today, you cannot shock or even interest anyone with it.

  2. Children shouldn’t be given so much homework.

    Every child seems to believe that it’s his or her sacred duty to write an essay based on some social study that proves the inefficiency of homework as an educational tool. This may be true, and the issue needs to be addressed. However, this topic is used so often that writing about it will most likely lose you points for lack of creativity.

  3. Violent video games make/don’t make children more violent.

    This is another issue that must be addressed, but has been written about too many times. If you choose it, your teacher and peers are likely to see it your way to avoid hard work on research.

  4. School uniforms are good/bad.

    There isn’t much that can be said about this topic, so even finding original arguments for it is impossible.

  5. Sex education in schools.

    There are many different topics that revolve around this issue, but all of them have been explored hundreds of times. Do not choose this subject if you cannot say anything revolutionary.

  6. Pageants are good/bad for girls’ self-esteems.

    It’s another topic that has a very limited number of arguments, so one cannot produce an original paper on it.

  7. Life today is better/worse than it was 50 years ago.
  8. Junk foods are bad for your health.

    This topic is self-explanatory. No interesting or original essay can be written on it.

  9. Should student athletes be paid?
  10. Should marijuana be legalized?
  11. The vast majority of these topics are very popular in conversations, so a student may consider one of them to be a good choice. However, in this case, popularity is a drawback that will affect your grade negatively if you pick one of these topics.